Allure Towels

NOTE: Moda at Home Towels are sold Exclusively in Canada Only!

bath towel 27” x 52”
hand towel 16” x 28”
wash towel 12” x 12”
bath sheet 35” x 64”

Exceptionally Soft, Absorbent and Durable

Turkish cotton comes from the Aegean Region known for
producing the best cotton in the world. Turkish cotton is
legendary for its exceptional softness and absorbency. Its
extra long fibers result in luxuriously plush pile and
superior quality. Wrap yourself in these towels to
experience pure induldence for mind and body.

bath towel 404995
hand towel 404996
wash towel 404997
bath sheet 404998
bath towel 405000
hand towel 405001
wash towel 405002

bath sheet 405003
bath towel 404985
hand towel 404986
wash towel 404987

bath sheet 404988

Marble Grey
bath towel 404980
hand towel 404981
wash towel 404982
bath sheet 404983
Powder Blue
bath towel 404990
hand towel 404991
wash towel 404992

bath sheet 404993
bath towel 404975
hand towel 404976
wash towel 404977
bath sheet 404978

Dark Grey
bath towel 405211
hand towel 405212
wash towel 405213
bath sheet 405214
bath towel 405216
hand towel 405217
wash towel 405218

bath sheet 405219
bath towel 405221
hand towel 405222
wash towel 405223

bath sheet 405224


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