The ANITRA collection: A sleek and polished ensemble featuring a fine matte finish, crafted from durable ceramic. Its effortless maintenance with a damp cloth ensures lasting elegance. The pump’s unique profile seamlessly blends with the body, delivering a clean bathroom aesthetic. With 7 versatile pieces and 4 delightful colors, it offers abundant choices for your customers.

  • Tumbler

    #105925-DKGRY, LTBLU, LTGRY, WHT

  • Soap Dish

    #106926-DKGRY, LTBLU, LTGRY, WHT

  • Lotion

    #105927-DKGRY, LTBLU, LTGRY, WHT

  • Bowl Brush

    #105928-DKGRY, LTBLU, LTGRY, WHT

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